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long as others maybe to plan for the future in a way that you can have the same life-style after are you done doing your job while you were doing your job. that takes some planning and thinking, and saving. >> yes. >> music to your ears, isn't it? >> personal finance doesn't just happen. you make it happen. >> that's it for "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm christine romans. >> "starting point" with john berman starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm brook baldwin. soledad back monday morning. "starting point," getting down to business. the newly sworn-in congress tackles the hurricane sandy aid bill today. will the vote tear republicans apart, again. the december jobs report. just 90 minutes away. how will holiday hiring affect the numbers? what does this mean for the health of our economy? video you have to see.
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take a look at this. teenagers trapped on the ice. clinging to life on the tree. the rescue you need to stick around to watch. >> among guests this morning. former ohio congressman steve la tourette, newly sworn in congresswoman tulsi gabbard. mike dewine, tim ferriss and steve rinella. i have one word for you. >> squirrel. >> it's true. we have squirrel. friday, january 4th. "starting point" begins right now. our starting point this morning. in just hours, the brand spanking new 113th congress will vote on a nearly $10 billion aid package for superstorm sandy victims. this after the outrage over speaker boehner canceling the initial vote early this week. athena jones live in our
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washington bureau. expected to be an easy one today, dana? >> it looks like it will be passed. about $9.7 billion in borrowing authority for the national flood insurance program. that program will run out of money as soon as next week. that's right around the corner, and the house is expected to come in this morning. past that. the senate voted for the larger version bill, and the house is broken into two pieces. the house is expected to approve that scaled-down part as well. >> the other big money vote a few weeks from now. >> january 15th they'll come back and look at 51 billion in a larger set of aid a little bit of controversy over that, and some house members saying a lot of pork in this bill, conservative groups saying that, and there could be a little bit of a closer look on that vote. a couple of weeks from now. but this initial amount for flood insurance looks good to go. >> thank you very much. staying in washington, all
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in the family as senators took the oath of office for the 113th congress. some senators such as kirsten gillibrand of new york held their children as they raised their hand in front vice president joe biden, swearing in. at one point, the vice president offered comfort to a child overwhelmed by the ceremony. >> mommy. >> i'm a democrat. i know. but it's okay. >> that is the daughter of ted cruz, the freshman senator from texas. >> he was a one-man comedy act yesterday, the vice president. love it. >> it was great. great stuff from the vice president and we're awaiting hopefully great stuff from you, christine romans. >> jobs report half hour away. we're expecting maybe i think 150,000 or so jobs created. close to the average growth for the year, you guys. unemployment rate expected to remain unchanged at 7.7%.
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we'll watch for an you'll revisions for the 2012 in this report. the december reports will include revisions back five years on the jobless rate. so much awesome stuff to go through. whether the jobless rate goes up or down. we'll look for reasons why, very carefully i assure you. the jobless rate dropped because 3,000 people left the job force, not necessarily because they got new jobs. stock futures flat in this report. >> are you not excited or anything? >> i can't wait. you know how many tables i get to go through? worldwide for the amazing triumph over the taliban. after they, of course, shot malala in the head. she has been discharged from the hospital. cnn national correspond respondent matthew chance is following developments from london. what is the hospital saying this morning? >> pretty good news malala
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yousefzai laying in the hospital since shot by the taliban, making a pretty good recovery. this is a picture of her walking out of her hotel room. speaking with nurses who have been giving medical care over the past several months. a statement saying malala is a strong young woman and worked hard with people caring for her to make excellent progress in her recovery. she will be staying at her parents' temporary home in birmingham in england, where the hospital is located. they have been flown out from pakistan. the father has been given a job in birmingham for the next three years as the consulate. they expect to stay there for the foreseeable future. she will be going back into the ward wards at the end of this month, beginning of next month to have reconstruction on her skull. a recovery, but still the start of a long process.
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>> matthew chance in london. she looks beautiful. looks great. >> it's incredible. exactly what i was thinking, given everything that happened. matthew chance, thank you. >> still difficult rehab ahead, no doubt. she's up to it. american troops in turkey right now to help that country defend its border with syria, they will operate patriot air defense missile batteries and had to shoot down any syrian ballistic missiles. the assad regime has launched rockets as the war intensified. president obama wants to you take part in his re-election celebration. inaugural committee releasing new details in the 2013 inauguration. >> in washington, d.c., one of many locations, participating in the national day of service. >> the committee has leased this new video here about events you can participate in on this national day of service during the inaugural weekend. it is a tradition the obamas started back in 2009.
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also supreme court justice sonja sotomayor will become the first latina to take part in a swearing in ceremony. scheduled to administer the oath of office for vice president joe biden. secretary of state hillary clinton is raring to go, according to a state department spokesperson. she is scheduled to return to work next week after a slew of medical problems. she plans to testify on the deadly terrorist attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi and they are working out a date with the senate foreign relations committee. a big step for the children of sappedy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. they boarded the buses early yesterday morning, and returned to class for the very first time since the mass shooting in newtown. just a couple of weeks ago. their new school building is a few miles away in nearby monroe, connecticut, also we have learned former congresswoman
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gaby giffords may visit newtown today. the state's lieutenant governor told cnn late last night this visit is planned, not confirmed, though. giffords barely survived an assassination attempt two years ago when meeting when constituents in tu sob, arizona. heavy snow. west texas seeing the brunt of it, in the region around el paso. conditions got so intense, large portions of the interstate between el paso and ft. stockton to the east were closed overnight. messy, messy. let's check in with alexandra steele in the weather center. >> good morning to you both. a lot of that is because of icy bridges and overpasses. i-10 spaghetti bowl. it was a record. kids going to school late today. the sleds are out. 2.9 inches, a record for the day. but not out of the question to see snow in el paso. on average, pick up 6.6 inches. a little bit of the novelty factor. a year to the date.
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last january 9th they had any measurable snow. that was just .1 inch. franklin mountains beautiful with the snow. all done. a flurries and cold temperatures, area of low pressure pushing eastward. and east of st. anglo, predominantly a rainmaker. big picture today, seeing around the great lakes very windy conditions. flying from chicago, rochester, syracuse, even into boston, strong wind gusts, courtesy of this area of high pressure. on the whole, really quite cold around the current. for the next five days, when we have a big pattern change. temperatures warming up 10 degrees as we head toward next week. >> thank you so much. it was a dead tree in an icy lake a real life saver. they had to hang on no dear life. check that out. in the tree for four hours in
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20-degree weather after the ice around them started cracking. so later the boys thanked the firefighter who's got out and they promised never to do this again. >> dear firefighters, thank you so much for helping me and my friends be able to get safely back to the ground. we're really sorry about making you come out and do this. we shouldn't have walked on the ice in the first place. >> i regret my choices. thank you for sacrificing to save us. >> there is a mother out there who says you will thank those firefighters. >> you will stand in front of the whole fire department, son, and read this apology. >> a third boy who made it to shore called for help from his cell phone. >> we laugh because they are okay. >> the boys will never do that again. still ahead on "starting point," will the new congress be able to get anything done, or will it be business as usual? former congressman steve la tourette, a member of one of the most unproductive sessions of congress is next. >> and it's going to cost a lot
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welcome back to "starting point." 12 minutes past the hour. congress gets to work after swearing in and electing the speaker and taking photos, the shouse expected to vote on part one of the sandy relief package today. >> but with the debt ceiling and
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deep spending cuts looming and a budget crisis coming up, will congress get more done than its predecessor? steve la tourette, chair of a republican advocacy group. he was a republican senator from ohio. you get the sense he's glad to be gone. >> i didn't think this is what retirement looked like, though. >> i have to start out by asking, yesterday a rather interesting day on the house floor. former colleagues re-elected speaker boehner as speaker of the house. there were a number of members, more than 10, who either didn't vote or voted against him. what do you make of the statement they were delivering? what do you think they were saying? >> it is not horribly unusual, it's the fourth time it's happened in my time here in washington. the first one with newt gingrich and then nancy pelosi lost some of her members and jim
4:15 am
trafficant voted for dennis hastert. it's really not a good way to start your career. >> you talk about how you weren't expecting retirement to look like this, congressman. let me point out this fun tweet from "the washington post." "steve la tourette unbound has been one of the fascinating subplots of the fiscal cliff fight." we've heard chuckle heads, sleep deprived octogenarians. now that you're off the job, anything else you would like to get off your chest? >> well, i think, listen, i wish the new congress well and they really have to come to a couple of conclusions. either are you going to work to get things done or make bumper stickers and feed red meat to the base on the right and the left. and i really wish these new folks well. and yesterday not a good sign
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that's going to happen. >> why do you say that? >> well, 12 people, either 9 or 12 didn't vote for the speaker. that vote is a no brainer. and that's whether or not your party will control the agenda in the house of representatives, and what these chuckle heads think nancy pelosi being speaker of the house is better for the republican party? i don't think so. they have to come to terms with why are they here? we could train a monkey to vote no. if they are here to legislate, they need to be serious about legislating and find common ground and not say, it's 100% or nothing. not how the system is built shl. >> who exactly are you talking about here? who is driving the train in terms of congress? after the fiscal cliff vote, the tea party group sent out a tweet and said i'm extremely disgusted in what happened in the house
4:17 am
tonight. there will be consequences. what do you make of that? >> what i make of that, that's ridiculous. once the die was cast and the senate had 89 votes for the fiscal cliff package. pretty good on the tax side. this is what i'm talking about. the president won re-election, everybody knew taxes were going up. boehner kept it from going up on as few people as he could. he achieved things that he could never achieve. a permanent fix to alternative fix of minimum tax, and estate tax. things we have been arguing 18 years. the bad part of the fiscal cliff deal is that it didn't do anything on spending. the vote that we had to make was do we sort of say, oh, let's shoot the hostage and have taxes go up on every american, or take this and live to fight another day? some people don't get that. >> let me ask you about some of the freshmen in congress. we had a man, big smile on his
4:18 am
face, joaquin castro, who talked a little bit about how this might be intimidating at first. this is what he told us. >> it's a little bit daunting and i think this freshman class that's coming in, seven new members, democrats and republicans, have learned a lot over what happened the last few weeks with the fiscal cliff debacle, and you have a lot of folks coming in, committed to doing a better job quite frankly and making a real effort in earnest to come up with an agreement, compromise and being reasonable lawmakers. >> we were talking to him, overwhelmed by the optimism, refreshing to hear. been newly sworn in. do you think the optimism lasts? how long does it last? what do you think? >> i mean, they will knock that right out of him in the first couple months. >> that quickly? congress man! >> i think they will. and the other thing is this mess that has been left them really is not fair to them in that there is one building as you
4:19 am
know, the rayburn office building, takes some people to find out where their offices are and the bathrooms, it's really not appropriate or fair this mess has been dropped in their lap. boy if that was his statement yesterday, god bless him. and i hope he's able to make the change that others aren't able to make. >> he can't bring a fresh perspective and find that compromise? >> are you with other 334 high school class presidents. a lot of "a" type personalities in the congress. and very difficult for one voice to push through. if he has 60 or 70 friends willing to make a go of it and can change some of the other chuckle heads who have done nothing but stand in the way of progress, maybe he can get something done. >> one of the things speaker boehner said of late is that he's done with one-on-one negotiations with the president. no longer going to try the back channel deal, private meetings. is nah a good idea, or should he keep that option open? >> i think he should keep the option open, but because he is a good friend of mine, i know
4:20 am
where the frustration comes from, started a year ago august on the debt limit thing. john would go down and at the risk of his own career, put 800 billion of new revenues on the table, remarkable for a speaker. the president has never offered anything significant on entitlement spending side, and you can't make a deal that way. and the fiscal cliff is a reflection of that. taxes have wen taken care of. they raised $60 billion a year. $60 billion recently about anything else? oh, that's right, sandy if they spend $60 billion on sandy, raise $60 billion on taxes by sticking it to rich people, how about the $16 trillion debt? what do we do about that? >> steve la tourette, the smile on your face a lot different than what we've seen the past few months. good luck. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ahead on "starting point," hit movie on the box office
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drawing the ire of washington. now a group of senators taking action against "zero dark thirty." also, high school football players accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old. this morning, hear from the attorney for one of the young men and why he says this whole thing is a witch hunt. aig? we said we were going to turn it around, and we did. woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the east coast recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us.
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everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow.
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welcome back to "starting point." i'm christine romans. minding your business. u.s. stocks unchanged ahead of the big jobs report. the nasdaq, dow, and s&p fell yesterday after a big rally early why err in the week. oil prices falling. the catalyst today, minutes from the federal reserves last meeting show division in the fed over the bond buying program. some saying it should end that before the end of the year, sooner than first thought. so could we be seeing a bond bubble bursting this year? 40% of money managers say. they think interest rates will begin to rise this year and another 30% say the shift will start next year. both sooner than the fed's own projections. investors have been pouring money into treasuries pushing interest rates close to zero. last year investors added more
4:25 am
than $90 billion in the bond market and pulled out $150 billion in stocks. the chevy volt, billed by some as savior of detroit. and now sales of the electric car are really cranking up. volt sales tripled in 2012 and gm became the first american carmaker to sell more than 1 million vehicles with a 30 mill per gallon fuel rating. super bowl ads cost $4 million for 30 seconds. that's a new record. the spots are going for more than that confirmed buyers, pep is a co, audy, go daddy, hyundai, skethyundai skechers. playoffs begin this week. >> that record will hold exactly -- >> until next year. something i say every year. a new record for super bowl ads. >> fun to see that while the patriots are running up there. very good. up next on "starting point"
4:26 am
this is a case that has really shocked the whole nation. these high school football players accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at this party, multiple parties they are saying, and no one stopped them. next, hear from an attorney from one of the accused players. you're watching "starting point." yo, give it up, dude! up high! ok. don't you have any usefull apps on that thing? who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, our amazingly useful mortgage calculator app allows you to quickly calculate your mortgage payment
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welcome back to "starting point," everyone. a disturbing story we've been
4:29 am
following closely. an accusation against two high school football player who's allegedly raped a 16-year-old girl at a party. >> this happened in the small town in ohio of stubbenville. no one stopped it, but instead pulled out their cell phones, took videos, took pictures, wrote crude tweets about the alleged assault. a while ago, i spoke with walter madison, a defense attorney for one of the accused teens, maliik richmond. i want to begin with your client. he is 16-year-old malik richmond, who as i mentioned is a juvenile, but has been identified by a judge in court. you yourself have identified him, so that's why we're moving forward and using his name. there are so many sides to this story. what is your side? >> at this particular point, his right to a fair trial, anyone's right to a fair trial is being hijacked. we live in a country with the
4:30 am
greatest legal system in the world, and only great because the system actually works. but if it were to work properly, individuals who are concerned must participate, and one of the main concerns this matter, by special interest groups all over the world, tried in the court of public opinion. and in a court of law there, are rules that would exclude such information and evidence as being inadmissible, inflammatory, misleading and misconception, and, therefore, not relevant. >> that's precisely why we have you on this morning. we want to make sure we're getting your side here. let's get to some specifics. we're talking about this young woman, you said previously . i'm quoting you. the victim voluntarily got herself intox gaited and voluntarily got into his vehicle. are you suggesting this young woman, this victim, consented to this? >> what i'm suggesting is that
4:31 am
there is a question of consent. and that's what the courts are for, and the legal process, to ferret out those issues and litigate them. i'm suggesting that everyone involved here are juveniles and their maturity level and thought process is different than an adult's. we must have a subjective inquiry into their mind-set and their thought process, and not necessarily one of an objective as adults. what we need to consider here is that all parts are us and my client's life is in the balance. he's an exceptional young man. he has faced, met, and triumphed much ahead vicery, probably more adversity most people will meet and be confronted with all their lives. >> you say your client is an exceptional young man. i want to ask more about him in a minute. we have to get to the other side. the facts are, according to some of the other people involved, who have testified, these three
4:32 am
students testified for the prosecution and they point out a couple of things. that this victim was unresponsive, that she was -- had to be carried at times and she wasn't moving. and i want to go on. the prosecution said in open court that the two boys treated her and i'm quoting her "like a toy" and said "the bottom line is we don't have to prove that she said no. we just have to prove that when they are doing things to her, she's not moving, she's not responsive, and the evidence is consistent and clear." what's your response to that? >> there are three witnesses probably of 230 or 30, that are available, and those three were selected for a very limited purpose, to establish a very low threshold in the court of law here in ohio. >> let's stay with those three. what is your response to that? >> my response is that it's out of context.
4:33 am
there will be more information coming forward, not only from those individuals, but individuals associated with this young lady and these young men. that day will come and one of the things we're trying to right here is the misconception, particularly this video that has aired which is not new to any of the parties involved. that video has been around since this case began. >> let me get to that. let me get to that, i'm so glad you brought this up. a lot of why this is making waves this story dates back to last august. this 12-minute video that has gone viral and you hear these young boys, it's tough to listen to. and you hear these young boys laughing. i want to play a short clip. >> what if that was your daughter? >> but it isn't. >> what if it was? >> if that was my daughter, i wouldn't care, i i'd just let her be dead. >> listen to yourself. >> i'm listening to myself.
4:34 am
>> ten years. my daughter's going to be getting raped and dead in ten years. >> they are essentially joking about rape here. how do you explain that? >> i can't explain that. that is a video made in poor taste. my client is not present. he's not -- he's not -- he doesn't produce that video. he has nothing to do with it. people are going to do what they are going to do. it's rude and inappropriate. it's the extent of what i want to say. >> let me ask you about this photo. this photo here, we've blurred a lot of it. this is posted by a group anonymous. they had threatened to release information if people involved here did not apologize. deadline passed, they went ahead and posted this online. shows this girl seemingly unconscious. carrying -- you see two people, carried by her hands and her legs.
4:35 am
anonymous says the photo is from the night of the attack. i need to be crystal clear. cnn cannot verify the authenticity of that photograph. but what do you know about that photo? >> let me say this. the first amendment is very important, and i'm a defender of that. and let me also say, i'm not against social media. it has wonderful, wonderful benefits that we all take advantage of every day. but there is also a very ugly underbelly that goes along with that. and what you are seeing is now when you have individuals who don't have to produce their name, location, the accountability is in question. >> is your client in that photograph? >> he is in the photograph. >> is he in the photograph. so you're saying is he one of the men holding either her hands or her legs? >> well, let me just explain. >> sure. >> in your question to me, you asked seemingly unconscious. and that's correct. the photo is out of context that
4:36 am
young lady is not unconscious. that young lady is capable of walking and her friends are individuals who indicated that information to the police and they just weren't selected for this hearing that we've had thus far, because they didn't serve the purpose of the hearing and that is the state's burden and that is their election and they may do that. >> how did the students then that you're referring to, how did you explain why she would rather be carried than walk? >> well, again, those are things we need to talk about in a court of law when it's been fully vetted. right now, where this happened is a right to a fair trial for these young men, these juveniles, has been threatened and hijacked, and what i must do is right the ship by making sure that there is fairness in the proceedings, and that is everyone's concern and that should be everyone's concern and as this case has been hijacked away from them. it can be hijacked from anyone
4:37 am
else. anyone who has a case, man, woman, boy, girl. social media becomes a very real issue that we need to deal with and we need to make allowances for. the system is not designed to work that way and is completely undermining our system. >> let me bring this back with your client. as you mixed, mentioned, 16 years of age. under house arrest. how is he right now? what is life like now for him? >> well, there's an adjustment obviously. any time one is accused of rape, whether innocent or guilty or not, there are folks that will have their opinion and we can't do anything about that. we can't do anything about what the people in this community value. that is just community. i can't concern myself with that. what i'm concerning myself with is he has some level of normalcy to his life these days and all aspects. he's been given a wonderful opportunity and a great
4:38 am
opportunity. a wonderful family who has done everything for him and treated him as their own. and he was on his way to doing that. this is an issue we must deal with. very, very serious, and fair science essential to making sure that we get the right decision here. >> we will follow. we will follow this. all the way through. as you look for that fairness. we appreciate it, walter madison, defense attorney, thank you, sir, for being with me this morning. >> thank you very much. >> we're talking to poppy harlow, on the ground in steubenville, all kinds of details, sides to the story. it's complicated and we'll also get the other side of the attorney general of ohio will join us live a little later. let's take a look at other top stories this morning. did the cia mislead the writer and director of "zero dark thirty?" cia chief michael morrell has been asked for all of the information the agency gave to
4:39 am
filmmakers. the movie implies waterboarding helped identify the courier that led to osama bin laden. a recent report says the agency did not learn about the courier that way. >> venezuelan president hugo chavez battling respiratory failure as he fights a severe lung infection. in a televised statement, he describes his complication as "respiratory inefficiency." chavez has been in a cuban hospital since having cancer surgery more than three weeks ago. the administration minister did not give information about his treatment or prognosis. he has not been seen publicly since his surgery. coast guard investigators from new orleans are headed to alaska to investigate a shell oil drilling rig. the rig is upright and stable and that there is no visible evidence of a spill. no word yet on when it could be moved. it's holding more than 150,000 gallons of diesel and oil. also, same-sex marriage
4:40 am
bills are making news of two more states here, first in illinois, a state senate committee held a bill to legalize it, but failed to put it on a full vote before the floor. rhode island laumakers have introduced bills to allow same-sex marriage as well. it's legal in nine states, plus the district of columbia. sports action now, early contender for dunk of the year. you have to check this out here. watch this. goes into the paint. that was j.r. smith. an insane spinning reversaly appear dunk last night. let me tell you from experience, harder to do that than it looks. ith not easy to do this. it rocked the crowd in madison square garden to their feet. the knicks went on to beat the spurs 100-83. one last time. >> boom. >> oh, my. >> under the net.
4:41 am
touch. >> don't want to bang your head on the backboard. in my experience. ahead on "starting point," so more to meat than just steak and burgers. two men who are all about the hunt, from squirrel -- yes, squirrel, to caribou. the stars of meat eater and tasting some of the yummy things. >> squirrel? you going there? okay. u.s. a bird, it's a men, it's a fake superman? this sight started some folks at the beach. 40 minutes past the hour. c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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welcome back to "starting point." top stories rut now. secretary of state clinton's departure, not the first change to president obama's cabinet. high-level vacancies that will need to be filled. chuck hagel still a contender for secretary of defense, despite criticism from pro israel groups and gay groups over past comments that haggle made. president obama suggested he was still in the running on "meet the press" over the weekend.
4:45 am
timothy geithner leaving later this month, probably sometime around the inauguration. >> back to work at the supreme court today. justices are scheduled to meet in closed door sessions to go over pending appeals. among some of the cases they could decide to hear, the adoption fig adoption fight over a couple ordered to hand over their toddler to the couple's biological daughter. and court documents filed yesterday seem to indicate that floyd focorkins play plead guil to shooting at an office in washington in august. he didn't like the politics of the family research council, which is a conservative policy organization. a court hearing for mike
4:46 am
cre crapo of idaho, allerrested for alleged dui. he was one of the gang of eight senators who was supposed to save us from the fiscal cliff in november. we showed you another alley-oop. returned the opening kick, never looked back. oregon ducks blowing by kansas state in the fiesta bowl. 35-17 the final. last night's game also featured this football rarity, one-point safety which i will allow berman to explain. >> this is what happened. kansas state blocked oregon's extra point try. they picked it up, recovered it outside the end zone, then the guy held possession, went into the end zone, then fumbled and they recovered their own fumble. because they had their own possession, there was a point that went to the team kicking the field goal. so a one-point safety. i have to tell you, i have watched roughly 10,000 football games in my life. and i have never seen this happen. i dent even know there was such a thing possible. kansas state recovering its own
4:47 am
fumble in the end zone, and oregon gets a point on a one-point safety. >> amazing. fascinating. >> never knew there was such a thing. you are making fun of me? >> totally making fun of you. and a man of steel made out of lightweight foam. brainchild of an air force test pilot and his business partner. remote controlled and powered by batteries in a fly-by propeller. he has a shortened cape and shows jeanne moos that supergirl has one too. >> this is removable. like to show off her her stiletto heels. >> she's very shapely. you mean her breasts are actually landing gear? >> yes. >> implants so she would roll on the ground and do graceful
4:48 am
landings. >> kind of a funny twist there. i thought we were looking at superman. >> by the way to note, slightly smaller versions will be available for $500. you too can own one. >> no joke that won't get me fired. still ahead, this might. no tofu and wheat grass for these guys. all about the big game. tim ferriss and mr. ravela. tasting the goods from rabbit to, wait for it -- >> squirrel. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] when a woman wears a pad,
4:49 am
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4:51 am
question for you as you're eating your wheaties this morning, are you a real meateater? if you are these guys at the table might put you to shame. >> meateater is big adventure, big game hunting and big meals. steve rainella starts his third weekend taking a walk on the wild side. >> to me hunting isn't only about the pursuit of an animal. it's about who we are and what we're made of.
4:52 am
it's about sustenance, survival, it's about connecting to the land. it's about the purity of the challenge. it's about life. in each and every one of us there's a primal instinct to hunt and consume. i live to hunt and hunt to live. i am a meat eater. >> i'm a meat eater, too, but i this i this is different here. steve is here along with tim far ris, the best selling author of "the four hour chef" he travels with steve on the show to the most remote corner of alaska, they try to catch some care c caribou. there are a bunch of things on the plates including squirrel. >> i look at it two ways, i want to provide great entertainment to the millions of hunters out there and give them, articulate back to them some of the reasons they like to hunt. on the flipside i also like to
4:53 am
try to appeal to the non-hunting audience. 95% of american adults to not hunt and we call it hunter recruitment or hunting pr is what i like my show to do and that was one of the great things about tim coming on, tim was not a hunter. >> i wanted to ask mr. four-hour work week. you ever been out and about with a gun shooting deer, anything like this? >> never. i had grown up on long island as an anti-hunter. we had deer coming across the property shot with bows and i developed this early aversion to hunting and hunters, never had any desire to go hunting. >> what happened? you go far, far out in alaska a couple months back to shoot this and what was that like? you came close to a grizzly bear. >> multiple.
4:54 am
usually they just come wrapped in cellophane, the ingredients at the supermarket and this was reconnecting with that part of being human, procuring your own food and we also forged blueberries, didn't make it into the show. >> you came awful close to several grizzly bears. we have a clip of that. >> let's watch. >> this one is a full grown, mature adult. >> big one. now he's running. >> he is sprinting. go! go! >> are these close calls part of the thrill of the whole thing? >> for me, yeah. tim and i went hunting, too, which he recounts in his books, in south carolina for deer and as fun as that is, it's a tame experience relative to this, so i wanted to also take him out and show him what would be an
4:55 am
extreme version of hunting and that kind of hunting in remote areas such as northwest alaska is very immersive. there's no room to think about other things. you're constantly focused on what you're doing and that presence of bears keeps you awake. i'd rather prefer to be around them. >> it's not just the hunting and tim, i think you notice this also, you're not just going out there to hunt the animals. once you get them it's also the field dressing and skinning. >> which you enjoyed. >> the pulling of the trigger isn't that interesting. i don't enjoy killing animals but i do enjoy really having that firsthand experience of taking what we see as an entire animal and converting it into meals, and that was really eye-opening and life-changing for me. >> sort of your whole philosophy if you kill it, you eat it. >> you should be responsible for it. >> we've been waiting long enough. tell us what you brought with you. >> i brought some jerky from the
4:56 am
hunt that tim and i went on. >> alaskan jerky. >> that's made, homemade jerky from there so we were being locovores up there. >> this is ven ison? >> caribou. by one definition venison. it's caribou jerky, not like the heavily proelse issed stuff. >> no, this is not a slim jim. >> it's nice, it's clean. i was hunting squirrels and rabbits, he's a chef and made a squarely rabbit ragu, brought it over to me and probably horrified to know i'm giving it away. >> this is your wedding china? >> it is. and i'll have you know that's not the first squirrel to come across that plate. >> all right. >> if you could for me, because berman is tasting it what does squirrel taste like? >> chicken. >> it can take on whatever do you with it.
4:57 am
if you had someone over you could tell them it was chicken, they might eat it and think it was good. it has a richness different than chicken. i equate it most to like the dark meat on a turkey. >> it's dark meat, not just for breakfast anymore, squirrel. >> you could be one of the guys -- >> you are putting that whole thing down. >> i'm starving. you guys are the best. thanks for coming. >> go for it. thanks guys, so much. as you continue eating your squirrel the third season of "meateater" premieres 9:00 p.m. sunday on the sports channel. >> keep reading i'm eating. come up the jobs report a half hour away. how did the fiscal cliff and hiring impact the economy, we'll have the numbers as they come out and christine romans to break down what they mean, still chewing. >> i'm ready now plus kids do the darnedest things, how they gave the vice president some cover. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
4:58 am
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what a friday morning it is shaping up to be. thank you for being with us. i'm brooke baldwin. >> a fresh start in washington between the sandy relief bill and the looming debt ceiling, can the new congress get anything done or are we in store for more fighting? also social media casting a
5:01 am
spotlight on this steubenville, ohio, rape case, new details surround willing the case of the two high school football players accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl and for the first time we have heard from one of the defense attorneys, lls the attorney general of ohio heading up the prosecution will be on. don't mess with texas, well the snow is. we have blizzard conditions shutting down a major interstate and covering the lone star state in powder. >> it is friday, january 4th, "starting point" begins right now. we're missing a chair. it's the two of you. she's out and about, john avlon, senior columnist of "newsweek" and "the daily beast" somewhere in the wings, margaret hoover, the lovely wife of mr. avlon, cnn political contributor who is walking on in. >> dramatic entrance. >> yes, we like it, gorgeous. also, ryan lizza, washington
5:02 am
correspondent of "the new yorker." >> also gorgeous. >> like that. superstorm sandy relief is on the to do list for the 113th congress today. the house today will vote on a nearly $10 billion bill to help sandy victims. it is the first of two votes on sandy relief and comes after speaker john boehner canceled a vote and reversed course when democrats and.republicans were outraged >> it has been a tough couple of weeks for boehner with the fiscal fiasco and everything that did came to that. he survived a challenge to his leadership and retained the speaker's gavel. athena is live for us in washington, good morning. >> good morning. it wasn't really close yesterday that leadership vote but there were about a dozen members of his caucus who decided they were going to vote for someone else like majority leader eric cantor or just say present, which is a way of registering some disdain, and there were a few people who just abstained, they didn't say anything when they were called
5:03 am
on. in the end of course he got 220 votes out of a caucus of 234. just shows some dissension in the ranks but there was never really any question of whether speaker boehner was going to be speaker again. so he gets to try to corral this caucus once again. >> other fiscal cliffs in the next what couple of weeks, couple months? >> yeah, you know, that deal from just a few days ago it seems like much longer than that i few days ago. all they really did was as we've heard every and over again kick the can down the road, move that deadline two months down and so we're going to see, we talk about fresh faces in congress but we're going to see a lot of the same old fights over the same old issues, not just the fiscal cliff but also the debt ceiling. we know this past monday this week america reached its debt limit, $16.4 trillion, the treasury department will do what it can, take extraordinary measures to try to give breathing room but there's no way for congress to avoid.
5:04 am
they have to vote to raise the debt ceiling in late february, early march. lot of big fights coming up. >> athena jones thank you so much. >> i think the headline on the speaker's victory yesterday should be house republicans punish john boehner, elect him speaker. this is not a job easy to do. i was watching him crying, to have the job for two more years to have the only central republican power in washington is tough. >> one person voted for eric cantor and at the time he is reported to put his head down and shook his head. >> that was the reaction on the house side but the drama, on the theater side, joe biden, man that guy was in his element with kids there at the ceremonial swearing in. at one point he comforted this small child who was a bit overwhelmed. >> it turns out this daughter was the child of ted cruz, freshman senator from texas. >> we'll do a dramatic
5:05 am
re-enactment right now. ted cruz' baby, senator biden says let me pick up your baby, the baby starts crying. >> okay, we have it. your explanation was great. >> give him a hug. >> it's a democrat, i know, but -- >> i hadn't caught that the last time. good stuff. >> that was barely the funniest thing he said. >> old school. >> old school on fire all day. >> one of the newly elected representatives who was sworn in yesterday telsey gabbert of hawaii became the first hindu-american congresswoman. >> she's looking forward to bringing her aloha spirit to congress so aloha to you congressbam gabbard. >> good morning and thanks for having me here today. >> the swearing in yesterday, tell me about your nerves. >> it was really a very special day for me personally for a
5:06 am
couple of reasons. lot of folks from hawaii came out to share the day with me and my family, and really hitting home the honor and privilege that i have and the great responsibility in earning the trust and confidence of the people back home to be their voice and to take on some of the tough challenges that lie ahead here for us across the country and for hawaii as well. >> you said you want to bring some of that aloha spirit to the house floor. the congressional approval rating is at about 18%, so how is the aloha spirit really going to help? >> you know, what aloha really means is having respect for other people, regardless of what our differences may be, regardless of where you come from, your religion or ethnicity or cultural background and really finding the common ground that we have. for me, i'm a soldier and when i was serving overseas one of the things that really hit home was the fact that even though we were a diverse team we were all part of the same team working towards that common goal and mission and that kind of experience and attitude is what
5:07 am
i'm bringing here to congress and what i think is what we really need is remembering that every single day we work for the people. it's the people's house, and that's the only way we're going to be able to make any progress. >> let me ask you that congresswoman as a female veteran, there is very much so a brass ceiling according to a number of people i had on my show, colonel ellen herring, one of two women suing the pentagon for discrimination saying all the jobs should be open to everyone, men, women, the standards shouldn't be lowered, it should be one single standard. how can you help make that happen? >> well first of all, april makes ten years for me serving in the army national guard. we have women who have been serving in combat roles for a long time whether it has been under a combat title or not. if we look back to the civil war, we had women who were disguising themselves as men, so they could serve. we have in hawaii two brigades who have females who are serving in infantry units, and i think
5:08 am
there is so much room for progress and we just need to make the connection from reality of the roles that women are already playing in our military and perception, where people don't have as close an understanding of the great contributions and sacrifices that women have been making for our country for a very long time. >> okay. >> that's what i'm excited about. i'm able to bring my own firsthand experience, my own deployments to the forefront to speak to the issues. >> this is john avlon, congresswoman, congratulations. one of the aspects, you're the first hindu-american member of congress. what does that mean to you, that new first? >> well it's really a motivation for me. it's an inspiration to focus on service, that is the most important thing here that i think that is necessary for all of us to remember is that we have been sent here to be servant leaders, that we work
5:09 am
for our constituents, we work for the people who elected us to be their voice and that's the inspiration that i get from my hindu practice, and what will help keep me very, very focused on the task at hand. >> one of the things that tammy duckworth, the other female veteran in congress, she thinks women in congress can do a better job working across the aisle. do you think that's true, do you think women are better at this than the men are? >> you're focusing on the divisiveness again. >> i'm just sayin'. >> that's not the aloha spirit, john. >> we know you can do it, you can strike a deal with some republicans. >> we can and we have to, and that's really the wonderful thing that the opportunity and that's what i think is so important for us to stay focused on is the opportunity, staying focused on the mission and that is serving the people and doing what's best for them, and each of us, regardless of whether we're democrats or republicans from hawaii or from the northeast or the southwest, each of us come from communities that we're very proud of and honored
5:10 am
to serve and if we stay focused on those people and working together to provide them the highest level of service, that's the only way we'll be able to find in a common ground that we need to achieve. >> representative tulsi gabbard congratulations and good luck. >> thank you, aloha. >> aloha and mahalo. you like that? other top stories, the big december jobs report comes out in about 20 minutes by now and economist survey by predict 150,000 were added in december and the unemployment rate is expected to remain unchanged at 7.7%. the crew shader shot in the the 15-year-old malala will undergo rehabilitation.
5:11 am
according to a state department spokeswoman clinton is expected to return next week after recovering from a string of medical issues including that blood clot in her head. secretary clinton does intend to testify on the deadly terrorist attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi. they're working out a date with the senate foreign relations committee. look at this coming down in west texas heavy snow especially around el paso, right, el paso, eight inches of snow may be piling up they're saying by this afternoon. conditions got so intense overnight that large portions of interstate 10 between el paso and ft. stockton to the east were forced to close. meanwhile the only thing two arizona teens and the bottom of an icy lake was this tree. look at them clinging on. so they're there hanging on the tree for four hours. think about how cold it was, 20 degrees. the ice they start to hear the ice cracking, later the boys
5:12 am
thank the firefighters. listen to them thanking the firefighters and they promise never to do this again. >> dear firefighters, thank you so much for helping me and my friends be able to get back safely to the ground. we're very sorry about making you all come out and do this. we shouldn't have done this. >> thank you all for sacrificing so much for us. i think i can speak for the three of us when i say we promise to never do that. >> they won't be getting their cell phones taken away, that's really the only thing that will be taken away so xbox will probably be gone. >> stand in front of the firefighters and say you're sorry. third boy who had made it to the shore called for help on his cell phone. >> those kids are in so much trouble, they had that look on their face. >> that is going to be a "south park" episode in two, three, one. this is a horrifying case shrouded in secrets and silence, two high school football players
5:13 am
accused of attacking a 16-year-old girl, next what the police chief says is the most disturbing part about this case. we'll talk live to ohio attorney general mike dewine. 1 minutes past the hour, you are watching "starting point." with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. [heart beating] [heartbeat continues] [heartbeat, music playing louder] ♪ i'm feeling better since you know me... ♪
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5:16 am
this is a case that may have never been brought to light a few years ago. an alleged rape from last august are being pieced together. >> there are videos, photographs and tweets, they're chilling in the criminal case against two high school football players accused of sexually assaulting an underaged teenage girl and when you listen to the details it looks like no one stepped in to stop it. poppy harlow, you talked to the police chief. what did he tell you? >> reporter: i did, good morning, brooke. first it's important to point out to all our viewers these two young boys, minors are innocent until proven guilty. i did speak with the police chief here, chief mccafferty and he couldn't discuss a lot of the details of the investigation because it is still ongoing but one of the things that really stood out to me in our
5:17 am
discussion is he said he was very, very troubled by this. >> the thing i found most disturbing is depending on who actually was there, why didn't st somebody stop it. i mean, you simply don't do that. i mean -- it's not done. >> reporter: so brooke he told me that he believes that the appropriate charges, the rape charge against both the boys were brought in this case. that will be determined in court, but as you said, social media is so much a part of this, pictures from the alleged incident surfacing online through twitter, a 12-minute video that just surfaced to the public this week about a young man joking about a rape, we can't say if it is indheeed tha alleged rape. if this happened no one
5:18 am
apparently stepped in to stop it. >> poppy, you've been there, you're there right now. i've been there, it's a small, small ohio town. >> um-hum. >> what are the people there telling you? >> reporter: well i think the real trouble for this community, brooke, is that if indeed this happened, then it was the action of a few people, not the entire community, not the entire football program, and they feel like the entire community is coming under a dark cloud. here's what one business owner who has lived here for more than 70 years told me. >> the buzz that keeps coming about is that steubenville is a bad place, things are being covered up, more people should be arrested, and i feel that's all unjustly so. >> reporter: why? >> because i think that to condemn an entire city for something that happened is not right, to condemn a school, an entire school and all the kids
5:19 am
that go there for something that took place among a few students is still not right. >> reporter: and i also had a chance yesterday to speak to a man who said he is the father of one of the football players on the team, and what he told me is that he thinks that this has divided a community over an incident that he says, "may not have even occurred," the alleged rape. people are questioning whether or not it happened and it is dividing them in that way. >> we'll keep this conversation going. poppy harlow thank you very much. >> we want to bring in mike dewine the attorney general in ohio. thank you for being with us this morning, sir. first, remind us the role of your office in this case, because i do think it's interesting and also give us an update on where the case stands right now. >> we were asked to become involved in this case really because the prosecutor had a conflict and we were asked to come in and assist in the investigation with the
5:20 am
steubenville police department so we're involved in two ways, one in the investigation and we are actually handling the prosecution and will handle the case when it goes to trial on february 13th. >> and the reason there was a conflict, my understanding is there are a lot of ties s is i community with the football team. >> it's a relatively small community and it's not unusual to have the prosecutor, who might have a member of her family involved in the school. we might have that same situation with the police department. so it's not unusual at all, and that's when we get called in as the prosecutor attorney. we're actually involved in many investigations and prosecutions around the state, and in similar circumstances where there is a local conflict. >> mr. dewine, we talked this morning, i talked this morning to the attorney for the 16-year-old here who is accused, malik richmond, his attorney is walter madison, we talked about a lot of things. i asked him specifically about
5:21 am
the photo apparently anonymous said they wanted an apology and if they hadn't gotten the apology they'd post the photo, the deadline passed and anonymous posted this picture online, showing this girl who is seemingly unconscious, this is important to say that, here it is, being carried by her hands and her feet by two men. they say the photo is from the night of the attack. i need to be clear, cnn at any time verify that this photo is of this alleged victim here but i asked mr. madison, i asked him if his client was in this photo, listen to what he told me. was your client in that photograph? >> well, is he in the photograph, but -- >> he is in the photograph. so you're saying is he one of the men holding either her hands or her legs? >> well let me just explain. >> sure. >> you and your question to me you asked seemingly unconscious and that's correct. the photo is out of context. that young lady is not unconscious.
5:22 am
that young lady was capable of walking and her friends are individuals who indicated that information to the police. >> what is your reaction to that? >> i guess i have two reactions, one is this case needs to be tried not in the media, not in the social media but in court in front of the judge and it will be on february 13th. that's the way our system works, that's the way it should work. i think the second thing that is obvious, any rape case is a great tragedy. this one is different only in the sense that the victim has been victimized but each time something goes up on the internet, the victim is victimized again, and i just imagine if i was a parent, fran and i have eight children and i imagine if this was my daughter, and i kept seeing things on the internet, and knew everyone else was seeing things on the internet that no one can control
5:23 am
is a tragedy. it's just very, very, very sad and very upsetting. >> mr. dewine, this is john avlon. i'm interested in your take on the activist group anonymous. do you consider them activist, possibly furthering justice or as more of an online cyber vigilante group that may be trying the case in public and inappropriate ways? >> well, people have a first amendment right, but my focus is on prosecuting the case. we have two experienced prosecutors who are handling the case. i think we need to confine this case to the courtroom. the evidence will come out. the defense is well represented, as you saw today, they will have the opportunity to present their evidence, and a judge will decide, and i think that's the way it should work. as far as any outside help, we've asked people, we've told the community, if you have any additional information about what happened that night, that morning, please come forward,
5:24 am
give it to us at bci, which is our investigation unit of the ohio attorney general's office, so we are very open for more information and actually the investigation does continue on. >> along those lines, sir, in that photo which we can't video there is video, there are more than two boys in some of the these pictures and videos. there were other people around. >> taking the videos. >> when the alleged incident happened. is there anyone else in legal jeopardy? what charges could go, could there be beyond the two boys? >> well, we have filed charges against two individuals, they will stand trial as we said february 13th. the investigation is continuing, and frankly, i'm not at libber to say whether anyone else will be charged or will not be charged. we are still trying to find out everything that we can find out. we think we have a pretty good understanding of what happened, but we're always open for additional information. we don't want to leave any stone
5:25 am
unturned frankly. we want the community to feel that justice was done. you know the job of a prosecutor is not just to get convictions. the job of a prosecutor is to seek justice and that's what we're trying to do. >> so much of the crux of this case is consent. we're going to follow it through. mike dewine, ohio attorney general thanks for being with us this morning. >> we'll be back in just a moment.
5:26 am
5:27 am
5:28 am
all right, ahead on "starting point," brace yourselves, we are moments away from the new jobs report. how did the fiscal cliff and holiday hiring affect the numbers? we're going to break it down for you coming up. before we knew secretary of state hillary clinton had a blood clot, many, many critics accused her of faking her illness to avoid testifying about the attack in benghazi. question we're asking, should there be boundaries when it comes to political mockery? we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] when a woman wears a pad, she can't always move the way she wants. now you can with new stayfree ultra thins.
5:29 am
flexible layers move with your body, while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. new stayfree.
5:30 am
welcome back to "starting point." we are seconds away from the december jobs rrp. christine romans is listening in on a call from the labor
5:31 am
department as we speak. as it's happening right there. we expect 150,000 jobs added to the economy right now. >> and unemployment staying at the same 7.7% so we're waiting. >> there's also five years of revisions here and this will get to a subject we'll talk about in a little while. conspiracy theorists say if the unemployment rates are revised up over the last year or two there's already whispers some will accuse the labor department of rigging the numbers to make the president look good. >> donald trump did that right before the election. >> jack welch it's been out there. again christine romans on the phone waiting for that top line number, maybe not the impact it would have had two months ago with the election, i remember three days before the election waiting for that number to come in. >> old-fashioned way on the phone. >> on the phone conference call. >> twitter. >> get one of the phones you plug it into old school fun handle. >> with the rotary. >> so we're waiting. here we go, we're getting the numbers.
5:32 am
>> we have the number right now, christine? >> 155,000 jobs created in the month and the unemployment rate at 7.8% so right in line with expectations. this is not going to rock 'n' roll anybody's socks for how the year ended in december but you're right, we do have five years of revisions that we'll be going over later today to find out what the year looked like overall so 155,000 jobs created, 7.8%. i'll jump back on the call and find out where the job creation was in the month and in the year. >> we'll come back to you once you get a little bit more information about 7.8% there. >> but 150,000 is that sort of slow but not off the level. >> it's the new normal, not that we need to keep up with the rate of the population growth, we're muddling along. we celebrate when it's positive in the last couple of years but it's not enough to get the economy going at the growth rate
5:33 am
we need. >> we'll check back in when we get more information on that report. >> want to talk about this story it questions whether political mockery can in fact go too far. prior to secretary of state clinton's diagnosis of this blood clot which has been well documented, a lot of critics mocked her for ben zazie flu. >> i'm not a doctor but seems as though the secretary of state has come down with a case of benghazi flu. >> apparently suffering from acute benghazi allergy which causes light-headedness when she hears the term benghazi. >> she was in the hospital with a blood clot. there has been a backlash. howard kurtz host of "reliable sources" and lauren ashburn, contributor of "the daily beast" and editor-in-chief of "the daily download." is there a lesson here?
5:34 am
>> don't listen to people acting like third graders and throwing sand in people's face, these amateur physicians. >> i'm not a doctor, but -- >> but i play one on tv and i'm going to really slam somebody. i mean, you know, it guz go too far. enough. it goes on both sides but in this case, in particular it was mean-spirited. >> there seem to be no boundaries. >> hillary clinton if you want to bash her over benghazi she's fair game, call her a lousy sos, secretary of state it's fine. to have a concussion and poke fun, some people on fox news and conservatives elsewhere basically called her a liar. i find this appalling. is this what our culture has come to? >> she's secretary of state, cabinet, first lady, a senator, what do you have to do to be presumed innocent? >> where is her doctor's note. >> here's the question. some people say that in politics, like in physics, an
5:35 am
action creates an equal and opposite reaction. is it not true that on the right side of the spectrum as well, i recall some terrible things being said about george w. bush when he was president, now that h.w. bush is very sick, people may be rejoicing he's close to death and they were saying on twitter, twitter was filled, filled with hate speech, i want you to die a painful death. >> we can actually show you a few tweets. you don't have the people who sent them but george bush sr. is in intensive care, hope you die a slow painful death. oh, one of the george bushes are going to die soon oh happy day. >> people with pundits on fox. >> in the past there have been other commentators on msnbc who have attacked people, not necessarily calling them liar but being mean-spirited. >> sure, incivility is on the rise and the mainstreaming of
5:36 am
conspiracy theories, that's what we're talking about here, sort of a conspiracy theory that gets parroted on national television by members of congress and that's fundamentally different than folks just taking to twitter. >> where is the apology? you tweeted that. i bet everybody's going to apologize now. >> where is that? >> i haven't seen one apology. >> no mia culpa. >> there is a political culture of meanness that rewards not the most extreme stuff and in the case of hillary clinton i'm sure they privately feel some embarrassment now that she had the blood clot and we're thankful she's out of the hospital. if you're a wannabe pundit, the meaner you are, the more incendiary you are, the more likely you're getting on tv or being retweeted. >> the rise of social media means we no longer have any unventilated thoughts. previously people would think such things and wouldn't have an outlet.
5:37 am
>> we talked about joe biden instrumental figure in forging the fiscal cliff deal but for the last year was the butt of jokes and the subject for republican pundits to lambaste for months and months. >> biden has been known for making gaffes and it's true he has not gotten his due until now as a behind the scenes player who knows capitol hill but we need to make a tis distinction between the normal political lampooning and the mean-spirited. >> when did the culture of meanness like this begin? it's always been that way but with social media, it's amplified. people don't attach their names to something they say that is hateful. >> politics in the 1800, 1804 election was ugly, but what's different now is with the rise of partisan media, the fringe is
5:38 am
blurring with the base. you get congressmen parroting conspiracy theories. >> it's the rise of a cable culture in which you have increasingly ideological channels, increasing ideological publications and that's fine, everybody should get their say but come on, the secretary of state was making up the fact she had a concussion? that's offensive. >> people don't realize when they're on tv they've gone a little bit too far. they're looking for the sound bite, the benghazi flu sound bite and then they maybe step off and say wow, i think i just called her a liar. >> this taught me hillary clinton has gone through an evolution among conservatives over the last two years when she was running against obama in the 2008 primary there was a lot of support on the right. fox channel was no longer the hillary clinton of the 9 '30s. this shows if she runs for president this will disappear
5:39 am
and she will become the old villainized hillary clinton of the 1990s. >> this also has to do with 2016. people are already beginning the attack so they think this is fair game, she's go to step out of the lime light. >> we don't know if she's running for president. she doesn't know. >> a lot of people think she could be running. >> laying the groundwork. >> exactly right. >> all right. >> 2016. >> i'm not calling you a liar ever. i believe everything you say. >> lauren and howie, thank you. >> so glad she's healthy and out of the hospital. >> we're all glad. 155,000 jobs created in december, the unemployment rate at 7.8%, christine has a bit more information and the breakdown of the numbers. >> looks like at the end of the year the job market was treading water, treading water, holding steady, 153,000 jobs on average created every month last year, that's just enough to absorb new
5:40 am
labor market participants and growth, natural growth in the labor market. one thing interesting here, long-term unemployed steady about 4.8 million that's been something going forward this new congress and president will talk about how to get the long-term unemployed back into the workforce. i told you last month how african-american unemployment rate had dropped to 13.2%, it went back up to 14%, we've had a lot of volatility in that particular group overall. let me tell you where we're adding jobs, construction and manufacturing, that was consistent throughout the year so i say treading water but there are two parts that would suggest, two places which suggest the economy is starting to get some traction and gain construction and also manufacturing. we saw jobs created in health care. 45% in health care, no surprise, that has been a consistent bright spot in the economy, also health care and food and drinking places, people i guess were feeling better, we know from car sales, yes people are buying cars and apparently going out to restaurants, two things that we saw in terms of job
5:41 am
creation in this report as well. >> food and drinking places, everyone nodded their heads, we're doing our part here, what we can. >> the holidays, december, people tend to go out. >> but that manufacturing number is a number the obama administration touted during the campaign, then it slipped a little bit over the last few months but it's back up again, christine? >> here is the thing about manufacturing to keep a close eye on. you talk about signs of a renaissance in manufacturing, someone pointed out it's on the margin. you lost such ground in manufacturing in the past 20 or 10 years the whole notion of inshoring or small companies especially trying to get control of their product line and keep it here rather than having it someplace else, that's happening but it's not happening on the scale you saw the jobs leave. >> all right, christine romans with the jobs report, we know you'll be in the middle of that report for the next several hours digging in. thanks a lot. >> for conspiracy theorist the october numbers were adjusted upward so maybe the labor department isn't as good as playing with the numbers. ♪ da, da, da
5:42 am
he was one of the most respected men in the military before an affair ruined his career, a new book, looking at how general david petraeus tried to revolutionize the american military.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
quarter 'til the top of the hour on this friday. the question is being asked did the cia mislead the writer and director of this film "zero dark thirty"? the senate intelligence committee has asked for all the information they gave the filmmakers. it says waterboarding led to the
5:46 am
information gathering about the courier. there is hope the new congress will revive the violence against women act, the last session failed to renew the law, this law provides support for groups that help domestic violence against women and this stiffens sentences for stalking, and since the new congress has more women than ever before, house minority leader nancy pelosi says the act will be a top priority. >> it's a priority for us, it's an early priority for us and since it passed the senate last time but two more democrats in the senate, we hope that we'll have an easy path there and a doable path there, and successful one in the house. >> this measure was first passed in 1994, credited with reducing the number of people killed by domestic violence. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords who almost really almost two years to the day now survived that mass shooting in tucson, she is expected to visit newtown,
5:47 am
connecticut, today. sources confirm give fords and her husband, former astronaut mark kelly were planning to meet with the families of the elementary school shooting. kelly posted on his facebook page it was time for more than just regret and sorrow in response to gun violence. adele has the best selling album two years running. according to billboard magazine, selling nearly 4.5 million copies after six albums in 2011, the first time since 1991 that an artist has accomplished that feat and gotye's smash hit "somebody i used to know" with nearly 7 million sales. >> can i brag for a minute, i know you're a music nerd and will appreciate this, avlon. i saw adele live in atlanta, it was packed, sold out. >> you're claiming credit for discovering adele.
5:48 am
>> obviously i did. she was amazing. >> what is your pick for 2013? alabama shakes. >> alabama shakes or luniniers. the foreign affairs sideline david petraeus, regarded as one of the military's brilliant minds and the new book looks at how he tried to change the way u.s. wages war. the author joins us next. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
it's a look at general petraeus' storied career. >> the book is called "the sister-in-laws" the author is fred kaplan, good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks. >> obviously let me get this out of the way, the paula broadwell affair, you wrote this whole thing and then you wrote this postscript after this broke, but first the book, the title "the insurgents." >> it's not the taliban, it's not al qaeda. it's petraeus and his circle that were an insurgency within the united states army. >> how do you mean?
5:52 am
>> they rebelled against the military officers from within. before petraeus took command in iraq, the definition of war in u.s. army field manuals was a major combat operation, tank on tank, things like fights against insurgents, terrorists, they were called military operations other than war, they weren't even called war. they had an acronym, mootwa. the chief of staff said real men don't do mootwa. they came up in a generation they had fought in el salvador, haiti, boz nina, somalia, this was the war that was coming. we need to turn the army around so it can deal with these in a systematic way and they had study insurgencies and they behaved within the bureaucracy the same way insurgencies do in that are their open. >> you write david petraeus put himself at the center of this
5:53 am
movement in a calculated way for a very long time. >> he had, from the time that he was a parachutist in france, in the late '70s, he had read studies of these and seen it. he was an assistant to the commander in central america in the mid '80s. he went to bosnia, in charge of a counterterrorism unit, clandestine unit in bosnia, that's generally not known. when he took over the operation of iraq there was no command of apparatus in mosul. he set up a new government, vetted candidates for an election, he revitalized the economy, he reopened the university, he reopened the border with syria, all on his own authority, without really checking with anybody. that has been his m.o. throughout this saga. >> so this four-star general, revolutionary, then we come to find out not too long ago that he's had this affair with this
5:54 am
woman, biographer of his life. knowing who he is, his character, his code of ethics, did it surprise you? >> well, i was the one who first revealed who the affair was with, not that he'd had an affair, he revealed that himself and it was a bit of a surprise but it was kind of obvious who it was. >> it was obvious you say. >> there were rumors. i got it confirmed pretty solidly. here is the thing about petraeus. i have never met an unassuming four-star general, and if there is such a creature my guess is he's been a lousy general. petraeus is more out there in that regard than most. i mentioned what he did in mosul. the surge he pulled together the elements behind the scenes to get a study about the surge into the white house. when he was in commander of all of iraq he created this unit the sons of iraq which paid former sunni militants who had been firing at americans the week before to come join us and
5:55 am
fighting against jihadists. he did that, he paid them out of his commander's discretionary fund, without telling anybody in washington. >> it worked. >> yeah, it worked. you get to the point where you get away with a lot of things that are way outside the border of what some people think is proper. >> okay. >> i think you get accustomed to that. >> when you weigh the transformation that he and the people around him performed in the military versus how his career ended, how do you think history should judge him? >> good question. >> well, yeah. histoi have written by the victors. we'll see what happens. maybe something that will play havoc with his reputation even more than that will be the fate of afghanistan. afghanistan turns out to be a country that was really not at all suitable for counter insurgency operations. >> does petraeus' downfall hasten the derailment of counter insurgency in afghanistan? it was viewed as favorably
5:56 am
implemented in iraq but less in afghanistan although there was a struggle internally whether it was the right strategy. >> president obama rejected it already in pulling out all of the surge troops in his announcement of how many troops to pull out in creating a new strategic guidance that says the army will not size its forces for large scale protracted stability operations which is another word for counter. he already did this. what petraeus' downfall reinforces the battle waged by those who tried to resist it all along, he had sort of created this myth about himself. his mentors said you have to create a myth about yourself that inspires loyalty, among your underlings. he became associated with its rise and therefore his fall sort of becomes associated with its fall. >> greg kaplan, the book is "the insurgents." it is a terrific read. i am thoroughly enjoying it.
5:57 am
thanks for being with us here this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you fred. "end point" is next. well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive.
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5:59 am
time for the "end point." mr. lizza you have the floor. >> 155,000 jobs created last month not great, it would be a lot better if the payroll tax deduction holiday was being extended. congress and the fiscal cliff deal did not extend it. that's a big drag on the economy in 2013. >>

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